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Charting the Financial Future: in '24 CFOs Unite

Welcome to the FinanceForward Summit 2024, a paramount event happening in Bangalore, where over 200 Finance leaders will converge for a day of strategic discussions and insights shaping the future of finance in the digital age.


About the Summit: The FinanceForward Summit 2024 is a dynamic platform that brings together finance visionaries, industry leaders, and thought experts. This summit is dedicated to fostering collaboration, innovation, and exploring cutting-edge strategies that are steering the finance sector into the future.

20+ Industry Leaders will be Discussing: 

  • One key session, "Input Tax Credit: A CFO's Guide to Financial Efficiency," will unravel the intricacies of optimizing financial processes, providing CFOs with actionable knowledge to enhance fiscal efficiency. The summit will also spotlight "Resilient Digital CFOs: Pioneering Financial Leadership in a Dynamic World," delving into the transformative role of technology in reshaping financial leadership strategies in today's fast-paced business environment.

  • In "Unlocking Growth Through Embedded Finance: CFOs at the Forefront of Innovation," participants will gain valuable perspectives on how CFOs can drive innovation within their organizations, positioning themselves at the forefront of industry evolution. The summit will also turn its attention to future-oriented discussions with "The CFO's Perspective for 2024 and Beyond on ESG & Sustainability," exploring the critical role CFOs play in aligning financial strategies with environmental, social, and governance considerations.

  • Furthermore, attendees can expect to delve into "Effective Working Capital Management Strategies," where experts will share practical approaches for optimizing capital utilization. The summit will culminate with an exploration of the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in "How CFOs are Mastering Regulatory Challenges," providing CFOs with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate compliance with finesse.

  • Finance Forward Summit is poised to be a dynamic and transformative event, offering a holistic view of the financial challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Attendees can anticipate gaining actionable insights, fostering meaningful connections, and leaving with a renewed perspective on the future of finance.

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What's on the Table?



Join fellow pioneers over refreshments during this networking lunch specifically designed to super-charge collaboration b/w solution providers & enterprises.



Explore the in-depth insights of discussions over three stages, covering the hottest trends across all areas of the Finance, Tech, E-commerce & Cybersecurity

Music Concert


Enjoy the networking while you are "at ease" with top C-Suite executives after event, sightseeing, entertainment sessions & much more.


200+ Attendees

20+ Speakers

100+ Organisations

60% Top Management

Leaders at FinanceForward Summit '24

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