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About us


What we Do

Tech Network Summit is a leader in organising business-to-business events, and the heart of that work is what happens when you connect people.

Our knowledge of the communities we serve, our ability to attract the right people and our skill at curating the physical space and creating memorable experiences bring thousands of like-minded people together. It is this shared experience and the opportunities to make human connections which allow businesses to grow and flourish.

Our events serve a tremendous variety of different industry sectors.

Bringing industry leaders and professionals together is what we do. That’s why we’re here. To drive innovation and nurture industry by building communities.

The teams of the conference create uniquely effective and stimulating environments that can serve as a platform to build your business and enhance customer relationships and experiences.Our events attract buyers with spending and decision-making power who are looking for solutions and innovations to help move their businesses forward. Putting them in contact with the providers of these solutions, and with each other, is our overriding objective, always.

We bring passion and expertise

 At TechNet Summit the passion of our people creates an inspiring palce to work. We bring deep expertise and unfaltering dedication to achieve great results. We enable individuals and teams to contribute, to have fun and to grow. 


What this means is:


-> we always demand high standards of ourselves

-> we recognise contributions and celebrate successes

-> we value and encourage individual differences

-> we enable people to develop as individuals and as part of a team

We work collaboratively

At TechNet Summit we connect and work collaboratively to deliver exceptional results for our customers. Our teams and partnerships, locally and globally, allow us to explore different perspectives, to learn from each other and achieve great things together. 


What this means is:

-> we build and maintain strong working relationships.

-> we foster partnerships and networks.

-> we share and learn from each other

-> we show trust, honesty and openness


What Our Speakers Think About Us

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