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Resilient Futures: ESG & Sustainability

Welcome to the ESG Impact Summit 2024, a pivotal gathering set in the heart of Delhi! This summit is poised to host over 200 esteemed leaders, including CFOs, CEOs, Managing Directors, C-Suite Executives, Directors of Sustainability, Vice Presidents of Sustainability, Heads of Sustainability, Heads of ESG, Sustainability, ESG & CSR Heads, Policy Makers, and Regulatory Agencies. Together, they will embark on a day of strategic discussions and transformative insights, focusing on the critical aspects of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).


About the Summit: The ESG Impact Summit 2024 is a distinguished gathering dedicated to exploring the profound impact of ESG factors on the business landscape. This dynamic platform is meticulously crafted to inspire collaboration, delve into cutting-edge trends, and redefine the future of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Top Discussion Points

ESG Integration

Explore the seamless integration of ESG principles into business strategies and operations. Engage in discussions led by pioneers who have successfully embedded ESG considerations into their organizational DNA, driving long-term value creation and resilience

ESG Reporting:

Navigate the evolving landscape of ESG reporting standards and regulations. Gain insights into effective communication of sustainability efforts, promoting transparency, and meeting the expectations of stakeholders, investors, and regulatory bodies.


Measuring ESG Performance

Delve into the intricacies of measuring ESG performance, understanding key performance indicators, and utilizing innovative metrics to assess the impact of sustainability initiatives. Learn from experts who have navigated the evolving landscape of ESG measurement to drive meaningful change.

ESG & Sustainable Investing:

Explore the intersection of ESG and sustainable investing, where financial performance aligns with ethical and responsible business practices. Dive into discussions on the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in the realm of sustainable finance.

Sustainable Supply Chains:

Address the critical role of supply chains in achieving sustainability goals. Explore strategies to build and manage sustainable supply chains, reduce environmental impact, and enhance social responsibility throughout the entire value chain.

Managing ESG Data:

Unlock the power of data in the ESG realm. Discuss best practices for collecting, analyzing, and managing ESG data, ensuring accuracy and transparency in reporting. Learn how advanced data management techniques contribute to informed decision-making and accountability.


Who can attend?

  • CFOs,

  • CEOs,

  • Managing Directors, Other C-Suite

  • Directors of Sustainability,

  • Vice Presidents of Sustainability,

  • Heads of Sustainability,

  • Heads of ESG

  • Sustainability, ESG & CSR Heads

  • Policy Makers and Regulatory Agencies

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