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1500+ Attendees

40+ Speakers

1000+ Organisations

60% Top Management

Unleash the Power of Technology

Join us at the premier industry event of the year, the Tech Unleashed 2023! This two-day conference is a gathering of top professionals and thought leaders from various fields, including IT, HR, Fintech, Finance, L&D (Learning and Development), Marketing, Data, and Digital Leaders. It's the perfect opportunity for attendees to gain valuable insights, network with industry experts, and explore the latest trends and innovations. Tech Unleashed is the ultimate platform to expand your knowledge, network with influential leaders, and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, HR, finance, marketing, and data. Join us on this exciting journey towards the future of business and innovation!

The conference consists of three main stages... 

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Past Speakers

 Conference Key Topics  

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Industry will witness innovative trends in AI and machine learning, blockchain, digital banking and mobile payments, cybersecurity and fraud prevention, and open banking and API integration.


Finance transformation in 2023 will be driven by a range of factors, including digitalization, data and analytics, ESG and sustainability, resilience and risk management.

Data & Analytics

Top trends in data & analytics technology and practices can help anticipate change and transform uncertainty into opportunity. Data & analytics leaders must factor these trends into key investments that drive new growth, efficiency, resilience and innovation

Digital & CX

How marketing & customer experience professionals will stay ahead of the curve with adopting technology to automate & personalise. What would be the top technology trends for marketing professionals in 2023

HR-Tech / L&D

The evolving role for an HR professional includes managing workforce ecosystem, redefining the remote & hybrid strategies, upskilling, employee wellbeing & adopting technology to thrive in 2023


Network & Security

We are in a new era of technology & risk. Security experts will focus on various trends like, Redefining the could security strategy, reducing the risk, safeguard data, & the growth of 5G network.

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         Top 6 Reasons to Attend      

Co - Partner
Past Partners
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Finance Professionals


Finance heads

Tax Head 

Head Audit, 

Head Supply Chain Finance

Marketing & CX Leaders




Marketing & CX Heads 

Digital heads 

Product Heads 

HR Professionals


Talent Heads 

HR heads

L & D Heads  

Technology Professionals




IT Heads 

Director IT 

Cybersecurity Experts




Security Heads & Officers 


Data & Analytics Experts

Chief Data officers 

Data & Analytics Officer 

Data Protection Officers

Head Data & Analytics 

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 Early Bird Event Passes 

 Vendor Pass - 15,999  +  GST          


 C-Level Pass - INR 2999   +  GST      

 All Inclusive -  INR 30,000 + GST     

Exclusive networking & Meet-ups are only included in "All Inclusive Pass"

Passes are on first come first serve basis 

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