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Innovations Shaping the Future of Retail

Welcome to the Retail Tech Summit '24, a transformative event set against the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai! This one-day summit is poised to be a gathering of over 300 Retail Decision Makers, converging for a day of strategic discussions and insights that will shape the future of the retail landscape.


About the Summit: The Retail Tech Summit '24 is a hallmark event tailored for retail visionaries, tech enthusiasts, and decision-makers. This summit serves as a nexus for the retail industry, offering a dynamic platform for knowledge-sharing, networking, and exploration of the latest trends in retail technology.

Past Partners

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What's on the Table?



Join fellow pioneers over refreshments during this networking lunch specifically designed to super-charge collaboration b/w solution providers & enterprises.



Explore the in-depth insights of discussions over three stages, covering the hottest trends across all areas of the Finance, Tech, E-commerce & Cybersecurity

Music Concert


Enjoy the networking while you are "at ease" with top C-Suite executives after event, sightseeing, entertainment sessions & much more.

Top Discussion Points

E-Commerce Trends

Delve into the evolving landscape of e-commerce. Uncover the latest trends, strategies, and innovations driving success in the digital retail space. Explore how e-commerce is reshaping consumer expectations and influencing retail strategies.

Digital Commerce

Discover the future of digital commerce. Explore innovative technologies and strategies that redefine the retail transactional experience. Understand how digital commerce is transforming traditional retail models and enhancing customer engagement.

Data-Driven CX

Understand the role of data in shaping customer experiences. Discuss strategies for leveraging data to create personalized and targeted customer interactions. Learn from industry experts about the importance of data-driven decision-making in the retail sector.

Omnichannel Success

Explore the power of omnichannel retailing. Engage in discussions about strategies and technologies that enable retailers to create seamless and integrated experiences across online and offline channels, fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Retail Payments

Delve into the realm of retail payments. Explore emerging technologies, secure transaction methods, and the evolving landscape of retail financial transactions. Gain insights into the future of payment technologies and their impact on the retail sector.

Personalization Strategies

Explore the art of personalization in retail. Gain insights into effective personalization strategies that enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. Learn how retailers can leverage data to tailor experiences that resonate with individual preferences.

Who can attend?

  • Retail Heads

  • E-Commerce Head

  • Head of Technology

  • CTO / CIO

  • Head of Omni-Channel

  • Head of Supply Chain

  • Head of Logistics

  • Head of Procurement

  • Head of Operations

  • Head – IT Infrastructure

  • Chief Supply Officers

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • CXO

  • Head of customer experience

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Abstract Red Lines

300+ Attendees

20+ Speakers

100+ Organisations

60% Top Management

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